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D I D Y O U R E A D ? !


C o m m i s s i o n - P r i c e s

**Note: This is a very rough estimate for any commission.


Character Reference - 45$+
Screenshot Scenes - 30$- 100$+
Pony without Shading - 5$-10$ EACH
Pony with Shading - 15$-50$ EACH
Comics - 5$-20$ EACH PANEL

Other (Fully Colored)***

Sketch- 10$+
Chibi - 15$-45$ EACH
Headshot - 20$+
Torso - 30$+
Fullybody - 50$+
Icon - 5$ EACH

F . A . Q

What program do you use?
I use SAI paint tool and Photoshop CS5.

Hey I love your vectors could you share some tips?
Haha sadly they're not vectors! I don't use them nor do I know how to do them. I draw everything by hand.

I wonder wonder if you did trades... do you do them?
Yes I do trades but sadly I'm too busy with commissions and other previous trades to do them. I'll usually announce that in a journal.

What's your ponysona, fursona, persona, sonasona sona, the league of legends sona??
My ponysona is Candel Wick. Weirdly enough my ponysona is mixed up with Wickle Smack which is just one of my beloved OCs. Sona from LoL is a badass support I got a penta with and won the game >_> so.... yeah I'm a nerd too!

My fursona is Rants the koala (which is currently in hiding because all I do lately are ponies.

My persona I guess is just me, Kathy!

Do you mind if I use your art somewhere else?

Don't bother me about it I really don't care anymore.

Can I post your art somewhere else such as Tumblr, twitter, instagram, and ect.?
Sure go for it I don't care, just source back if you can!
What would you like to addressed as?
I really don't care what I'm called by just no weird insulting slurrs!

Wait List

Wait List


Wickle Fanart

Pixelsmack by pepooni Wickle by Foxy-NoxyWickleSmack: Gift by JojukiWickle and Caster by vicseIckle Wickle by CentchiWicklesmack by LeLittleLunaWickle by vicseWicklepickles by IEatedAUnicornGift for Wicklesmack by FillyBlue

Cute Stuff

Made by :iconlelittleluna:

Wickle, Candel, and Co.

Wicklesmack_Christmas Gift by 88Mr-Allie88Happy Birthday Chhaam! by DerpiiesCandle Wick by pepooni


Wow omg the day has come that I have reached 4k watchers *UGLY SOBS* Thank you all for supporting and liking my art.

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Send me a note if you have anymore questions!

Have anymore questions? Send me a note!


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3:26 am
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GlitchKing123 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oohh I can't stop loving your art! /)^3^(\
Wicklesmack Apr 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Oh nooooo now I have to clean up all this glitter
ZowieStardust-MLP Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Too late! :'D <3 - rolls around -
Wicklesmack Apr 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
ahhhhhh *flails* not the page anything but the page!
ZowieStardust-MLP Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
- rubs nether-regions all over page - MINE! X3
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